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What will you create in lockdown?

A Women’s circle is no 21st century discovery. Women have been coming together since the dawn of time for numerous reasons. Deeply tied with many traditional ceremonies and rituals women’s circles have been an integral part of history. Like all good things, they developed with the modern world.

Today, in modern times, Women’s circles are a space where we can come together, elevate each other, learn from each other, create together and just be in a safe space together. If you ask any modern woman that has attended a women’s circle you are likely to be told that it is a much different, much deeper connection with women than they had expected.

It’s a sense of connection and satisfaction that you just don’t get out of a few wines with the girls. The reason for this is thanks to the women who run the circles. Trained and experienced in ways that bring ceremonial practices into modern circles that allow an opening of the space with a level playing field for each woman involved.

Women are there to support each other, not compete, and that in itself is a humbling, powerful experience.

Aside from the momentary benefits of connection and safeness what else can a women’s circle offer? We have had group leaders see profound progressions come from within their circles. From women building confidence they never thought they had to women having creative breakthroughs and detoxifying their life.

As the saying goes – there is no time like the present! And our current present is very different to what we are used to. So how can you make the most of your self isolation so that you can come out ready to tackle the new world we are presented with (whatever that may be!)?

You can use your time to develop a new skill, a new passion, something that you might have been putting off for sometime but now you have the time!

Our online women’s circle facilitator certificate training is a journey or self discovery while gaining every skill you will ever need to run and lead your own tribe of women. Everyone who has taken the course has had different motivations and goals.

Some women have undertaken and completed the course with the sole purpose to bring joy and connection into their life by bringing a new tribe together. Others have wanted to start multiple circles and to spread the word of togetherness and community through women’s circles.

There is no right or wrong reason to want to do this course. There are workbooks you can follow along with video and audio lessons. There is no time limit on the pace you want to run the course. The course is incredibly comprehensive and you will have access to the resources forever once you enrol.

There are templates and guides to help you start your first circles so you never need to feel overwhelmed or that you can’t achieve this. And for those that want to turn your circle into a business, this course has a bonus business course to help you understand how to build and grow your circle business.

To keep up with recent events we are encouraging and supporting all of our current leaders to bring their classes online (by adding new virtual circle training to all our training programs) and allow our deep connections to continue.

So why not start your journey today?