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A whole new world… Apart but still connected.

We are currently in the midst of something that we could never have imagined happening in our lifetime. Sure, we can scour the history books and find mentions of pandemics that ravaged the peoples of the world hundreds of years ago but they seemingly bear no relevance to us. We are experiencing living history right now.

This episode in human history will be recorded for generations to come and judgements will be made. Each of us has the opportunity to respond to this crisis in a positive way. Never before has there been a time when the citizens of the earth been asked to come together but stay apart. Not everyone has been able to respond positively.

Does this suggest that there are those among us unwilling to relinquish our freedoms? Does it suggest that many cannot follow rules or instructions given by authorities? Or does it expose those among us that care very little for their fellow earth inhabitants?

The ‘me generation’. Have we become so isolated and removed from what is really important despite the myriad of platforms for communication that we have lost the ability to recognise and care for those that need protection.

We live in a time that has great medical advancements, super fast transportation and communication platforms that allow us to connect with anyone, anywhere.

We hope that we don’t have to be part of the medical system; we shouldn’t be using transport unless absolutely necessary and for approved reasons BUT we CAN use communication platforms. Now is the perfect time to make it your promise to check in with friends and family on a daily basis to cheer them on in this time of isolation.

Anyone living alone and feeling like things are overwhelming them, it’s time to reach out. The real value in our lives is the people we know and also the people we don’t. Now, more than ever we need a cheer squad. Don’t be afraid to reach out. You will connect to another human and in turn to another.

Before long you will have the support of a nurturing community intent on supporting everyone until this is over and probably well into the future. Could this nurturing community become the future for all of us? It will only become our future if we can open up to the possibility of sharing with others in our time of need while recognising that others are sharing in their time of need.

We are all essentially the same. We have fears, insecurities and hopes. Spending countless hours alone and focussing on the negative; focussing on all the things we have lost, all the things we can’t have can be flipped to the positive by reaching out to your very own community.

All those negative thoughts can be aired and a positive spin can be allowed to emerge with the help of your community.

I recently came across the following words:

“I think that when the dust settles we will realise how little we need, how much we actually have and the value of human connection”.