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Not Just for Hippies! Bring Women Together With These 5 Practical Uses for Circle

If you feel the eye roll coming when someone mentions a women’s circle, this article’s for you. A women’s circle is so much more than woo and chanting. In fact, a circle can be any intentional gathering of women. Skeptical? Read on to learn more about how you can enjoy a circle without the fluff.

What is a Women’s Circle?

At its core, a women’s circle is an intentional gathering of women. During a circle, women share and connect, creating and strengthening bonds. A circle is a great place to find your tribe. Or it can be a moment to just relax and breathe in a judgment-free zone.

Beyond those basics, circles can look very different. Yes, some may be largely focused on spirituality (there may even be chanting 😉 ). But that is not the only way to gather. 

A circle may be as simple as a coffee chat with coworkers or friends. Some circles may include art or music. Others look like a yoga session and a walk through the park.

The most important thing is to find a circle that you connect with. Not every circle will be right for you, and that’s ok. Find one that speaks to you — one where you can let your guard down. And if you can’t find one, create one!

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5 Practical Places Circle Can Be Used

Business meetings

Women face many different challenges in the business world. Discrimination and harassment can be stifling. And society seems more likely to encourage women to fight in the workplace than share support and encouragement.

Circle is a rejuvenating practice to introduce to your female colleagues. Rediscover how to work together to make it through the long weekdays. Share challenges with others who understand your unique work situation. And create a united front for addressing workplace discrimination.

Business-oriented circles can be a lunch-break gathering or a 30-minute coffee chat. Even a quick gathering is a great way to connect and share. All that’s required for a successful circle is an open mind and an accepting heart. 

Birth groups

Over the last hundred years, birth has moved from a community event with supportive midwives into hospitals that can feel isolating. Women are feeling more disconnected from their birth experiences and this can have a detrimental effect on the early post-partum period.

A women’s circle is a reuniting force for birthing mums. Women can share their fears, hopes, and desires without judgment. And experienced mums can share their stories and tips for those first few weeks.

Birth is a life-changing experience, and it shouldn’t be done alone. Find a nearby birth group that uses elements of circle. Some local hospitals may even host gatherings for pregnant people. If you can’t find one, put a call out to your local mum groups and start your own village.

Community building

Finding local connections can be tricky during this age of social media. But gathering in person is still so important for both your physical and mental health.

Starting a local women’s circle can build your neighborhood connections. You can choose to connect with others in your same stage of life, or reach out to your entire community. There’s so much we can learn from each other. 

Mum gatherings

The need for a village only grows after you give birth. Mums often plan play dates to meet up with other mums and their children. But are you finding time just for yourself?

On your next mum’s morning out, gather intentionally with other mums in your area to share your struggles and triumphs. Mum life can be incredibly isolating. And social media shows only perfect pictures of perfect children. It’s refreshing to gather with others and share just how crazy your two-year-old actually is, and then see all of the nods of understanding. 

It’s easy to forget, but we’ve all been there. Strengthen the bond with your mum tribe and introduce circle to your crew.

Support Groups

No matter your struggle, working through it together can make a huge difference in recovery. That’s why support groups exist to begin with. And many already use elements of circle. 

Leave judgment at the door and connect with others who understand. Bring women together to share in life’s challenges, and find ways to work through them together. With love and support, your burden will feel lighter and the path to recovery smoother.

Interested in starting a women’s circle?

If you can’t find the perfect circle for your lifestyle, create it! I promise that others are looking for that same feeling you hope to find. We all want to join a community that clicks with our personality. 

My hope is to train women from all backgrounds and with varying interests to facilitate new women’s circles. I want every woman who desires to join a circle to find one that suits her life and her needs. If you’re interested in learning how you can create and facilitate a women’s circle, visit my website today.

Click here to learn more: http://discover.honouringheart.com/