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Is The Age Of Community Support Over?

Don’t do life alone… everyone needs support, now more than ever.

Even before the world shut down, support for women and families was dwindling. And now it’s even harder to find your tribe. Women are moving and living farther away from extended family. Work is often remote. And video calls have replaced happy hours and playdates.

Adult friendships are so important and rewarding, but finding time to create those close bonds is hard. There’s just always so much to do. And more often than not, we keep people at arm’s length — bonding on a superficial level and never truly connecting.

When you’re feeling down and having a bad day (week, month, or year), you need someone to support you with an open ear and a loving heart. These are the times that we need each other most of all. But pouring your heart out to someone can feel treacherous. So what can we do?

I’m calling for a support revolution! 

Women and families need support. And we don’t need to wait until life gets unbearable to find it. We need people in both our brightest and darkest times — and everything in between.

We’re all in this together. 

How to bring support back into your community

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Often the biggest thing holding us back from finding support is ourselves. Why do we feel so nervous to ask for the help we need?

Whether it’s during a work transition, a long-distance move, or a life-changing event, we all need help. Set a positive example for your family and friends and ditch the fear around asking for it. Speaking up doesn’t make you needy, weak, or a bad mum. Harnessing your courage to seek out support makes you stronger.

Use technology to help others

So much of life has been moved online. And while this can make it harder to connect, there are also some amazing online resources designed to help build up and support communities. 

Get to know your neighbours on Nextdoor. Crowdsource funds to help an friend in need on GoFundMe. Or arrange a new mum a month’s worth of meals using a meal train app. You can also find groups local to you on Facebook. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with connecting online. There are many times in life when it’s just easier to keep relationships virtual. Use these online tools and others to create meaningful connections during times of need.

Organize in-person meet-ups

Online connections can be fulfilling, but many people struggle to build strong relationships virtually. It’s just easier to connect with someone when you can see their face and hear their voice. When hugs can be exchanged and tears and laughter shared. 

When possible, look for in-person meetups to help build your tribe. Women’s circles, book clubs, playdates, homeschool communities, or a mum’s night out may be just what you need. Search for a local meet-up, or organize your own.

All beautiful relationships start somewhere. Find a common theme and create the community you need. Humans are meant to go through this life together. We need to lean on each other for help and love. 

This is my call for help… 

Join me in the support revolution!

It’s time to bring back the connection we all desperately need. Click here to learn more about how I’m supporting my community and join me in the fight! 

Together we can build a stronger community and a better world. 

Thank you for your support! ?