Success Stories

Honouring Heart Women's Circle Faciliation Graduates

Below are just a few examples of success stories from our course graduates.

Susan McShane
Reiki Align & Shine in conjunction with Reiki Creations by Susan Art
Traralgon, Gippsland, Victoria 3844.

The Circle theme held was Intuition and finding your joy.

I was initially feeling a little nervous and to break the ice had everyone up to dance to We are Family – Sister Sledge, moving our bodies and clapping really helped get everyone into a high vibe and they loved it.

I felt great connections working with the sisters in our community and look forward to inviting them back to my next circle with the topic energy and manifestation.

It feels so good to bring the energy of our sisters to circle sharing our experiences with openness and love.

Sharon Brockman
Embrace Yourself Healing
Location – Beaconsfield Upper, Vic
Theme – “Be You Only Better”
Duration – 1.5/2 hours, 6 weekly sessions

I decided early on that offering a program/workshop was for me as I teach other modalities. Our first night was ceremonial where we wrote down what we wanted to release and one by one each women came forth to burn there piece of paper followed by a sage cleanse before returning to the circle. this was followed by writing down what they wanted to incorporate into their life moving forward. We then meditated and drew what self love felt and looked like. I finished with playing a power to women song. At the conclusion of the night, I felt our ‘self love’ cups were full. I returned home with an open heart and blessed for what I have learnt, thank you Imogen.

Rebecca Taylor
Love & Light Healings
Offering a range of healing modalities suited for all walks of life
Location – Capella QLD
Circle Theme – Full moon in Leo woman’s group.

I was so excited about holding my first full moon woman’s group. 

A place where new sister hood was formed. Fear got pushed aside as soon as I was welcomed by each smile as they entered my sacred space I created.

Once the night was over I can say I was buzzing and my heart couldn’t stop smiling as it was a beautiful powerful night where women were being Vulnerable and wanted to share knowing it was a safe place to do so. 

There was so much healing achieved on many levels.

4.Carla social media image 1

Carla Tarfon
Founder of Yoga Realm
Follow @yogarealm on Instagram or Facebook

I ran my “Sol Awakening – Summer Wellness Day for Women” at the beginning of December 2020. It was an amazing day where we explored the notions of courage and joy with enquiry activities, yoga and meditation. I wasn’t so much nervous about holding space as i do that regularly teaching yoga. However, it was still new and unfamiliar to include enquiry activities. 

Once i started though, things just flowed and the women there were so open-hearted. I’ve since started monthly “Yoga Circles” in my local area (Hunters Hill, Sydney). I have my third circle coming up in March and with each one, i feel more comfortable. It just takes experience (much like my yoga teaching journey). When i think of it like that, i just think to myself – i’m doing this from a place of love, and people always respond to that.

Elena Success Stories
Elena Barunova-Dailly

My Women’s Circle was intimate and extremely emotional. I did it with 2 of my friends and they both found it very beneficial and I am very grateful for their support.

Success Stories Honouring Heart
Tess McIntyre Perth, WA

First Sacred Circle done and dusted ! Thank you Imogen Bailey for your wonderful course, and lovely activities. We had loads of fun, insights and takeaways, and I’m now feeling great for taking the leap into unknown territory.

Kristy Maurice-Jones
The Nest
Theme: Self love

I realised my passion was bigger than my fear. I learnt I was capable.

Hi I’m Steph! Soul led life coach & women’s circle facilitator. I run an online women’s circle Sunday Soul Sessions. Over the years I have experienced similar settings where women have held space for one another through online programs. I realised that it didn’t matter if we where in person or not because when women come together, the love & support that we can give one another can be felt regardless of the setting.

Imogen’s trainings on facilitating women’s circles are amazing, there’s nothing that she hasn’t thought of to guide us through this special course. The training on running virtual women’s circles has given me the belief & confidence I needed to take my circles online. I love that I am able to hold space for women & offer a space where they can nurture a soul led lifestyle. Running online circles has grown my confidence in guiding women to feel like the beautifully powerful & feminine souls that they are.