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Please read some of the truly incredible stories from our student community. The power of circle and coming together never ceases to amaze me. There is no greater testament to how profound and impactful circle can be than reading these beautiful women’s stories



Early on in life I realised I was different from others. When I had a car accident at the age of 5 my face no longer looked the same as it once did. I was left with a massive scar which may have scared some. My direction changed from then on as I know how it felt to be left out and wouldn’t wish it upon others.


Eleven years ago, my life took a pivotal turn as I found myself navigating the turbulent waters of a toxic marriage, with two precious children in tow. The decision to break free from that toward healing and self-discovery. Seeking solace and understanding. I turned to a victims support service, yearning for a connection with women who had weathered similar storms.


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"Training with Imogen has been so inspiring. I was always unsure as to whether I had the capacity or skills to go far in this industry but after taking this course I feel as though I am not only capable but also extremely knowledgeable. I feel acknowledged, I feel honoured, and I feel so inspired. I have never felt so connected, included and part of a group of women in my life."
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"Imogen provides great training for women's circles (plus the added bonuses). The course runs through a wide range of topics, that enabled me to feel confident to start facilitating. The activities, content and videos are so easy to follow and I am so grateful I enrolled. Imogen's provides great help along the way if needed and the support from the community of women is AMAZING."
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"I was so excited when I came across this training, I was looking for something where I could help women, I was in that space already but looking for a platform where I could implement it. The course is very comprehensive and so many resources and materials to take with me to my circles, it is also a great medium now to be able to take online too."



I offer a Certificate Masterclass in Women’s Circle
Facilitation. Offering you the tools & skills to host
your own groups and circles, support other women
and even start your own small business.