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Early on in life I realised I was different from others .
When I had a car accident at the age of 5 my face no longer looked the same as it once did .
I was left with a massive scar which may have scared some .
My direction changed from then on as I knew how it felt to be left out and wouldn’t wish it upon others .
I spent my childhood & teen years making sure everyone was welcomed,loved and included and formed some beautiful friendships by doing so .
As I got older and had my family and moved away from my home town I was searching for something else .
I took a healing journey and by doing so I longed for deeper connections I wanted to find my tribe my sister’s my family .
I am an introvert and felt more comfortable bringing others into my space .
I work with many clients from my home based studio being a holistic practitioner in the energy healing field .
I realised that a lot of souls were wanting to find new friends and journey with others who were similar .
I saw Imogen post and knew it was a sign as I didn’t know where to start or how I go about it .
I just knew I wanted to help bring community back as I could see we were loosing touch of connection.
By infesting in Imogen course and knowing that it is certified in many different countries was an easy decision to make .
I felt supported and learnt more then I could have imagined .
She has a beautiful light and a warmth .
I could feel her embrace as she shared her knowledge and teachings .
I completed the course 3 years ago. I have held many different circles since .
It is an absolute honour and privilege to be able to do so and I absolutely love holding space for all who attend my gatherings .
The world certainly needs more of us to shine our light in community and I am so grateful to take the first steps that were needed.
I have found my tribe which continues to only keep growing Thank you Imogen xxx