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Embracing the sacred art of women’s circles through Honouring Heart with Imogen Bailey not only became a catalyst for my personal healing but also laid the foundation for my journey as a facilitator and entrepreneur. Today, as the proud founder of White Wolf Wellness Studio, I carry the essence of those transformative circles into every facet of my life. Eleven years ago, my life took a pivotal turn as I found myself navigating the turbulent waters of a toxic marriage, with two precious children in tow. The decision to break free from that oppressive environment marked the beginning of my journey toward healing and self-discovery. Seeking solace and understanding, I turned to a victims support service, yearning for a connection with women who had weathered similar storms. It was during one of these vulnerable moments that I posed a question to my counsellor: “Is there a support group for women?” The response was disheartening—there wasn’t one. However, rather than succumbing to despair, a spark ignited within me that day, a determination to create the community I so desperately sought. In the years that followed, my quest to establish a support network for women led me to the sacred art of women’s circles. The inspiration struck when I stumbled upon a Facebook post by Imogen Bailey, a beacon of wisdom in this transformative realm. Instantly recognizing that this was the missing piece I had been searching for, I embarked on a journey to study the sacred art of women’s circles with Imogen. The course not only equipped me with the tools to hold space for women but also instilled in me a profound understanding of the significance of gathering in circle. The sacred work with Imogen has become a sanctuary for me, nurturing my growth and healing. Beyond the walls of White Wolf Wellness Studio, I extend this knowledge into my volunteer work at Riverdell, where I passionately contribute to fostering a sense of community and well-being. My newfound confidence in holding space has also extended beyond the circle of women to schools, kindergartens, and various institutions where I collaborate with teachers, SOSs, and government employees. This journey has transformed not only my life but also empowered me to be a source of strength and understanding for those in need, weaving the sacred thread of healing through diverse communities. As I continue this journey, I am filled with excitement at the prospect of offering these sacred circles, especially to women seeking empowerment and connection. White Wolf Wellness Studio is not just a business; it’s a sanctuary, a space where the transformative power of women’s circles ripples out into the broader community, touching hearts and fostering healing connections. My vision is to grow a community of empowered women, creating a ripple effect of strength, support, and transformation that extends far beyond the confines of the studio walls.