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Reconnect With Your Health and Self — 5 Health Benefits of Joining a Women’s Circle

Lockdowns and the resulting social impacts are difficult to navigate. Social groups have been broken while everyone stays home with family and isolation has become the norm. But when the world finally rights itself, we’ll all be looking to find new connections, and strengthen old ones.

Joining a women’s circle is a meaningful way to bond with other women, no matter their age or background. Each woman’s journey is unique. A women’s circle celebrates where you are and where you want to go. And it also helps you process your past. 

There are many mental and physical benefits that come from gathering with women in a non-judgemental, loving space. Here we’ll explore just a few of the reasons why a women’s circle is an excellent way to break through the isolation and reconnect with your health. 

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What is a women’s circle?

In the loosest of terms, a women’s circle is an intentional gathering of women. A circle is an open, welcoming place to share your thoughts and life experiences. Women gather together, leaving behind judgment and focusing on connection. 

A circle may involve meditation or yoga, music, art, or just conversation. Circles are for exploration and sharing. Though it may seem a bit “woo”, it is an ancient practice that has many modern benefits. 

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What are the benefits of a women’s circle?

There are significant mental and physical benefits experienced by joining a women’s circle. Let’s explore a few ways a circle gathering can improve your health.

Mental benefits:

Battle loneliness through connection

A women’s circle is all about connecting with other women. And this goes much deeper than your typical mum playdate or office gathering. 

Many women travel through life feeling alone. But our experiences of motherhood and feminine struggles are universal. We only have to share them to see how much we all truly have in common.

Share without judgment

During a women’s circle, you can share your deepest thoughts, loves, and fears. We’re all here for each other, holding space and withholding judgment. It is a safe space where lasting bonds are made.

If you find yourself keeping negative thoughts bottled inside, a women’s circle is a great place to let them flow. Release the stress that these thoughts hold and connect with others who understand. 

Improve self-esteem and self-love

When the world is weighing on you, it’s easy to get caught up in doubt. But you are good enough. And you are doing great things for yourself, your family, and the world.

A women’s circle can help you see how amazing you are. In circle, women can feel the benefits of being supportive and loving. Competition does not live here. So tackle those doubts and let your self-love soar.

Physical benefits

Lower stress

With improved mental health comes a whole host of other benefits. Most notably, a women’s circle can lower your stress levels. And that can translate to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and even an improvement in aging issues such as bone density.

Improved self-care

If you are attending a women’s circle, congratulations! You have uncovered time to reconnect with yourself. And once you do that, it’s easier to take more time just for you. 

Attending a women’s circle can lead to overall better self-care. You are filling your own cup instead of always putting yourself on the backburner. These choices have benefits not only for you, but also for your family and friends. You’ll be able to be more present for others when you are taking better care of yourself.

There are many benefits to joining a women’s circle. Search your area for local groups, find your new tribe, and carve out time for connection.

If you can’t find a local women’s circle, you can start one! Honouring Heart offers affordable training for women’s circle facilitators. We want women the world over to find the connections they need to thrive in this modern world. Visit our website for more info on creating a local women’s circle for your community or jump straight to the course page to learn more!

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