Is The Age Of Community Support Over?

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Don’t do life alone… everyone needs support, now more than ever. Even before the world shut down, support for women and families was dwindling. And now it’s even harder to find your tribe. Women are moving and living farther away from extended family. Work is often remote. And video calls have replaced happy hours and […]

R U OK Day

2020 has been a strange year for all. A worldwide Pandemic causing the shutdown of life as we know it, countless people losing their jobs and everyone feeling more out of touch than ever. We can only begin to imagine the effect that this has had on everyone’s mental wellbeing. Some people more than others. […]

The health benefits of journaling

We can also use journaling as a tool to get to know who we really are. Reviewing our random thoughts written previously in our journals we can quickly get to know the person we are and what makes us happy and those people that make us unhappy. By getting to know ourselves better we automatically feel more confident and happy with the decisions we make. This is good news for our emotional wellbeing.

A whole new world… Apart but still connected.

We are currently in the midst of something that we could never have imagined happening in our lifetime. Sure, we can scour the history books and find mentions of pandemics that ravaged the peoples of the world hundreds of years ago but they seemingly bear no relevance to us. We are experiencing living history right […]

What will you create in lockdown?

What will you create in lockdown? A Women’s circle is no 21st century discovery. Women have been coming together since the dawn of time for numerous reasons. Deeply tied with many traditional ceremonies and rituals women’s circles have been an integral part of history. Like all good things, they developed with the modern world.

Are you lonely too?

A post on face book caught my eye today, a young woman wrote “Please excuse the silly question but how do I make friends with other adults? As a kid and teen I had lots of friends but now I have very few people in my life and I’m not sure how to change that, […]

How Women’s Circle Helped My Anxiety

Women’s circle helped improve my anxiety over time in a truly beautiful way. For as long as I can remember I can recall feeling uncomfortable in groups of people. I’m one of those introvert extroverts (not that I am huge on labels but for understandings sake I am going to use them here); I spent […]