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Imogen Bailey podcast

‘The Heart Chronicles of Wild Awake Women’ podcast

Host Imogen Bailey explores the journeys of women who have taken risks, made changes and are following their hearts. You will find insightful tips and wise woman life hacks. You will enjoy animated life stories and find out just how the women Imogen interviews decided on and fiercely followed their heart paths. You will be elevated, inspired and held in a sisterly embrace.

Dedicated to the passing down of women’s stories, just as women have done since the dawn of time, we sit in circle and we listen to the voices of our sisters. Deep down we are all wild awake women.

Host Imogen Bailey is a women’s circle educator, a birth and end of life doula, an actor and television personality. Imogen has a deep passion for the stories of women and their growth. Join her for a fortnightly story sharing session.

Listen to some of the Wild Awake Women podcasts: