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Imogen Bailey

Honouring Heart founder

Hi I'm Imogen

I am a women’s circle educator and I facilitate my own women’s circles and workshops. I am a birth and end of life doula. I am a meditation teacher and a Reiki practitioner.

I am all in on this passion journey of mine.

It is a journey to create, to learn and to share my love for supporting each other in life’s important transitions and in my heart based work of promoting the magic of women coming together.

But… I didn’t start here.

I am qualified in marketing management and have been in the entertainment industry for coming on twenty years now. I am an actor and a television personality and I have always loved what I do but I had a burning desire to do more.


Circles of possibilities

In 2012 I was involved in a show for SBS Australia called ‘Go Back to Where You Came from’ an Emmy winning documentary that followed the journeys of refugees who had come to Australia. Part of this journey took me to Africa and Indonesia and I started to see something really important. I started to see community and the spirit of people who support each other in life’s truly important moments such as birth and in end of life and also in all the moments’ in-between.

While on the show, I saw women joyfully coming together to get their water or cook meals together. I saw them coming together to make things and also to just be. Men did this too, as did the whole community. As you can imagine I am talking about people who are in pretty dire situations. This includes people who were stuck in camps for years and years. The common thread for me was observing the love, the support, the joy and the laughter that came through in-person connections and finding the laughter even in the worst times.

This experience led me to explore what I could do with my life and my career that would involve this kind of in person connection, support and love on the deepest possible level. So I embarked on a journey that led me to birth and then end of life doula work. I fell in love with this work and ultimately the reason behind it, humans connecting to humans.

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My heart sings when I see people supported to grow and journey in their own unique way. These moments happen for me with my birth clients and with my end of life clients,  when I see them making their choices and we create a safe and nourishing place for them to bloom. It is the same for me as a women’s circle facilitator. I feel deep gratitude and joy when I am able to create a space where women feel safe and free to explore, to discover, to connect and to be.

I am continually fascinated by human behaviour, I am driven by a deep passion for continuous expansion of the mind, heart and spirit and I consider myself a student for life. There is always something new to learn and a new skill to offer you as a doula or a facilitator.

As a women’s circle educator and facilitator

I am incredibly driven for not only women’s circle but also for circle as a tool to be accessible to as many people as possible. The ritual of circle is as magical now in the modern world as it has been since the dawn of time. It connects people, it inspires them, elevates them, gives people a voice of equality and allows them to just be themselves – accepted, loved and received just as they are. This alone is immensely healthy, so needed and so very rewarding for all involved.

What drives me in this space is teaching people the skills I have learned in birth and end of life support. Which begins with how to hold space safely and responsibly.

I really believe in what circle has to offer. In a world where we are affected by isolation, loneliness, mental health issues and lethargy, circles are an extremely positive tool and skill to possess. In a world where people are learning self-love, exploring self-care and wanting to tap into their creative spirit circle is a magical experience to lead or partake in.

I developed this training from years of varied study and holding my own circles and it is my honour to offer it to as many people as possible both in-person and online at an affordable price. This was really important to me, because deep down in our untouched core, we know how to do this work, we just have to relearn the art of gathering and gain the confidence to step into our power to do so.

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Another rewarding aspect to my work as an educator (I come from a long line of teachers) is sharing the tools that enable facilitators to program the circle experience with creative and therapeutic activities that elevate the circle members. I teach them how to lead a group into laughter, joy, love and connection. I teach them how to create experiences that recharge and elevate the souls of the women who come to them.

Circle is for everyone, just like meditation and all creative and therapeutic activities – circle can be experienced and delivered in an endless amount of ways. So yes, it really is for everyone who is called to it, as a participant or a facilitator.

Thank you for reading and for opening your heart to a small but meaningful piece of my personal life journey.

With love and honour,

Imogen Bailey